• "Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all"








  • What We Do

    At Education Arena Ltd., we offer personalised, student specific tutor programs aimed at helping students to improve their test scores, build their academic self-confidence, learn productive study skills and reach their full potential.

    Our team of certified and highly trained tutors do more than fill children with knowledge. We integrate the best of modern tutoring techniques and educational materials, to effectively help our students build habits, attitudes and skills needed to succeed in school and in life. Our tutoring programs apply to students of all skill level and ages, and we are known to prepare students in all academic subjects for key examinations such as -



    It is the world's most popular qualification for students aged 14 to 16-year-olds. All the leading universities and employers around the world recognise this and it is considered as an international passport to progression and success.

    A Levels


    The A Level (Advanced Level) is a subject-based qualification conferred as part of the General Certificate of Education (GCE) as well as a school leaving qualification offered by the educational bodies in the United Kingdom. Obtaining A Level or equivalent qualifications is generally required for university entrance.

    IB Diploma


    The International Baccalaureate® (IB) Diploma Programme (DP) is an assessed programme for students aged 16 to 19. It is respected by leading universities across the globe.


  • Services

    "The best teachers are those who show you where to look but don't tell you what to see"

    All our services are aimed at helping students develop credible understanding, build their academic self-confidence, learn productive study skills and reach their full potential.


    We provide academic support to all ages in the following subjects -

    • Mathematics
    • Physics
    • Chemistry
    • Biology
    • English 
    • French 
    • Economics
    • Business Studies
    • Accounting
    • History
    • Geography

    Private Lessons

    Our one-on-one sessions will exceptionally help your children work at their own pace and catch-up with the areas they seem to be lagging behind in their regular classes, help tackle all their specific challenging subjects and provide them with the advanced skills necessary to help them become proficient in the said subject, and also help them prepare for any forthcoming examination.


    Group Lessons

    Maximum of four students are grouped and tutored according to their levels’ standard syllabuses. Our tutorials take place in comfortable and supportive learning classrooms where quality attention is paid equally to all participants – making sure no student is left behind. Also, the lively and engaging group tutoring sessions make way for students to interact & collaborate to tackle problems as well as effectively express and share ideas.


    Standardised Coaching Programs

    It aims to enlighten students – of all levels and ages – about overseas school entry examinations, covering from the primary school entrance examinations, the UKiset & ISEB Pre-selection Tests, the sixth form entry examinations, the Secondary School Admissions Test (SSAT), to the more advanced – Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT), American College Test (ACT) and UK Clinical Aptitude Test (UKCAT)


    Our tutors are specialised and experienced in these areas, and we make use of advanced learning materials as well as past questions from the various examinations, providing solutions and giving full explanations for all the questions.


    We will not only teach students solutions to questions but also enlighten them on how to effectively ace exams with new skills and effective test taking strategies.


    Academic Consultancy

    The long combined years of experience of our personnel in various academic fields and sectors puts us in the best position to give academic advice concerning the choice of schools in Hong Kong and Britain and courses for your children, for formal academics assessment, etc. Contact us for academic recommendations and enquiries and you will receive the most professional attention.


  • Our Story

    Education Arena is a Tutoring Services, Education Centre and Academic Consultancy located in Hong Kong. Established only in 2014, and with a team of passion-driven and professional teachers who have more than a decade combined teaching and tutoring experience, we have managed to put our name on the lips of many families in Hong Kong through series of solid performances of our students.

    We at Education Arena cater to all your child's academic needs. Each year since our opening has been with significant growth, we strive to achieve 100% satisfaction standard in all our operations, and are proud to announce that the core value of our centre is imbibed deeply in referrals.


    Sanyukta Gupta

    Sanyukta Gupta

    Co Founder, Director & Chief Educator


    Sanyukta is a founding partner of Education Arena, with a key role in the tutoring aspects of the company. She has her Bachelor of Engineering degree from India and Masters in Engineering from University of Leeds, U.K., and has been in the education sector from way back as 2005, when she was an ESL Teacher & Curriculum Designer for English Language courses.


    In less than 2 years, she became an Academic Consultant at one of Hong Kong’s biggest tutoring centres, where she remained for close to 8 years, teaching Maths together with all the Science courses, as well as grooming students for local and international examinations.


    In 2014, Sanyukta left her job to open Education Arena - academic consultancy and tutoring services centre, driven by her passion for teaching and long years of experience in the sector.




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    Gaurav Gupta

    Co Founder & Director

    Gaurav has his Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering from the University of Sussex, U.K. and is the founder of Education Arena playing the major role in the Administration aspects as well as teaching and consultancy. Backed by his experience and strong professional background in Business Administration, Gaurav plays a central role in decision making and in the day-to-day successful running of the company.




  • Who's Talking About Us

    and what they say!

    Student at Diocesan Boys' School, HK

    "Adriel has been taking Science class at Education Arena with Sanyukta for the past 2 years. He started with scant knowledge of Science and Sanyukta has made it a fun subject for him. He enjoys her class tremendously and has been making steady improvement. What's more, among all the subjects, Science is Adriel's favourite and best subject. Sanyukta is very organised and has a battle plan to cover the syllabus and suitably pacing and preparing her students for the ISEB exam. I am very grateful that Adriel can have such a fantastic teacher!"


    - Ann Chan, Adriel's Mother

    (Adriel is preparing to join Eton College in Year 9)

    Student at Eton College, UK

    " My son Jeremy has been going to Sanyukta for science lessons since he was 10 years old and I can't speak highly enough about her. She has laid excellent foundations for Jeremy in preparation for the 13+ common entrance exam, and his sciences continued to excel at GCSE and A levels. Sanyukta is very patient with Jeremy and is quick to identify his areas of weakness. Her support, dedication and encouragement continues to inspire Jeremy and motivate him to attain only the best results. Jeremy truly owes it to her for his high level of achievement. "


    - Lisa Kan, Jeremy's Mother

    (Jeremy year 13 student at Eton College)

    Student at German Swiss International School, HK

    "My three children have been taking classes from Sanykuta for a number of years. I wish to convey my deepest gratitude to Sanyukta for providing a targeted and resourceful approach in developing their aptitude in Biology and Chemistry. With her tutorial support, my son got full marks in all science subjects in his A levels, which gained him a place in Natural Science at the University of Cambridge.

    My eldest daughter was also awarded a full academic scholarship by Seven Oaks and CUHK Medicine and an offer from HKU medicine.

    My youngest daughter, who is now doing IB has also been predicted top grade in her Biology. Sanykuta’s lessons are always resourceful, well structured, with special attention given to methods and techniques to learn specific knowledge for the topic being covered. I have no doubt her study techniques have enabled her students to face exams with confidence and vigour."


    - Mrs Ho (Parent)


    Student at Wycombe Abbey School, UK


    "Sanyukta has been my daughter’s tutor for 2 years coaching her all science subjects and mathematics.


    Sanyukta is a very patient, knowledgeable and efficient tutor. My daughter only takes lessons from Sanyukta during her school holidays in Hong Kong. She would make use of the limited time available to revise with her, go through new topics as well as training her on exam techniques. She is well on track with what a student needs.

    My daughter particularly enjoys Sanyukta's precise and sharp instructions on areas that she needs help. Her doubts and uncertainties are usually cleared within no time. She always returns to school feeling satisfied and confident.


    I highly recommend Sanyukta & Education Arena."


    - Pamela Cheng, Mother of Year 11 student


    Students at German Swiss International School, HK

    " Ms Sanyukta has helped my son in his entrance exam preparation to a demanding school. She has been patient and thoughtful in planning assignments which helped to build comprehension and writing skills. She also guided my son to identify the weakness in his composition and focused practice in those areas. I really appreciate her dedication to her job! "


    - Winnie, Mother of Year 7 student


  • Why Choose Us

    We strive to give the best. Always.

    We train students on how to apply all that they learn into real world context and sharpen their skills to achieve their goals. Our holistic teaching practices are aimed at building your child’s academic self-confidence.

    At Education Arena, we strive to cater to every of our student’s learning challenges and help them develop good study habits, attitude, and skills, needed to succeed in School and life. We aim to foster a supportive learning environment for students of all ages and levels.

    Education Arena is the home of certified, intellectual and largely trained tutors with long years of experience in the education sector.


    Schools for which we have previously prepared students or we are at present preparing for are -


    UK Boarding Schools

    Eton College

    Winchester College

    Wycombe Abbey School

    Cheltenham Ladies' College

    Downe House

    Benenden School

    Tonbridge School

    Harrow School

    Wellington College

    Dulwich College

    Malvern St James

    Oundle School


  • Terms & Conditions


    All cancellations must be made in writing to us at least 48 working hours prior to sessions by parents or a guardian. Cancellations made after that shall be charged in full. We must be notified of cancellations due to illness prior to the scheduled session. Except in cases of emergency, sessions will be charged in full if no notification is received.


    Cancelled sessons must be rescheduled within the same invoice period. Available time slots will be offered by us for the rescheduling of sessions. However if a student is unable to choose from the offered time slots, regrettably no refund or further rescheduling will be offered. 


    Regular weekly attendance is of great importance to the continuity of studies and for all students to progress. We reserve the right to cancel a student’s schedule if they are unable to maintain regular weekly attendance. Students who need to cancel sessions for more than two successive weeks will need to rearrange a new schedule on their return. While we will do our best to find a suitable time, we cannot guarantee immediate availability.

    Adverse Weather

    • When Typhoon signal no. 3 or less is hoisted, all sessions will run as normal.
    • During Amber or Red rainstorms, all sessions will run as normal.
    • When Typhoon signal no. 8 or higher OR the Black rainstorm signal is hoisted, sessions that have not begun will cancel immediately. Those classes which are in progress will continue until the scheduled finish time. However, parents may come to collect their child at any time as required.
    • When Typhoon signal no. 8 or higher OR the Black rainstorm signal is lowered 3 hours before the scheduled session time, sessions will continue as scheduled. E.g. If such signal is removed at 12 noon and a session starts at 3 pm or later it will remain unchanged.
    • If Typhoon signal no. 8 or higher OR the Black rainstorm signal is in force at 2 pm, sessions after 2 pm will be cancelled
    • We apologise in advance for being unable to reschedule or offer refund for enforced cancellations due to Typhoon no. 8 or higher OR Black rainstorms.


    Once the schedule is finalised, we shall issue an invoice. Payments must be made in advance and are due on or before the first scheduled lesson. Please make all cheques payable to Education Arena Ltd.

  • Contact Us

    Feel free to reach out. You + us = awesome.

    Education Arena Ltd.

    19/F, China Building,

    29 Queen's Road Central,

    Central, Hong Kong

    Tel: +852 61277590

    E: Contact@EducationArena.com.HK